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Dog Grooming – What is “hand-stripping”?

Hand stripping is type of grooming regimen that is used when a dog’s grooming needs cannot be met by a shaving or hair trimming. The difference between hair trimming and hand-stripping is, aside by from being done by hand, hand stripping removes the dog’s hair coat from the root so a new hair coat can grow in. Hair clipping or hair trimming removes only the top layer of hair that is already dead or loose and the coat usually ends up with a dull texture and color.

Some canine breeds that require hair stripping include Airedale terriers, Schnauzer, Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, Bouvier de Flanders, Jack Russel Terrier, and Cairn terrier. The common denominator of these breeds is a hair coat that produces two types of hair – a soft and dense undercoat and longer and wiry top coat.

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Tips When Sharing People Food To Your Dog

Some pet owners love sharing some of their food with their dogs. However, table scraps or leftover food should never be a substitute to premium quality pet food. Giving all of your leftover food from your plate to your dog’s food bowl is not the healthiest way to give table scraps to your pooch. If your dog is used to eating dry pet food, he may end up with an upset stomach if you suddenly give considerable amounts of new foods. If you really want to give your pet a taste of your food, start giving food that is similar in composition to his pet food diet, i.e. chicken, beef, or plain noodles, and slowly introduce  new food to his diet.

Feeding small amounts of your food to your pooch will help you balance your pet’s caloric intake from meal to meal. It will also be easier for you to identify the potential cause if your pet suffers from an upset stomach. It is recommended to introduce one new type of food every couple of days to let your pet’s stomach adjust without any adverse reactions.

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Common Triggers Of Canine Asthma

Most cases of asthma in dogs are often viewed as an allergenic condition. Thus, there are periods of flare-ups and situations that are worse than others; a dog can also go without symptoms for months before he suffers from another bout of asthma attack.

Since asthma is commonly triggered by potential allergens in the dog’s environment, taking steps to identify these external triggers can help you prevent or reduce your pet’s exposure, as well as manage asthma attacks.

One important trigger of asthma attacks in dogs is dust mites. Dust mites are microscopic organisms that are almost always present to some degree even in houses that are regularly cleaned. In addition to regular cleaning and proper disposal of dirt and dust, the use of air filter, anti-static dusters and cloth wipes can help keep the level of dust mites to a minimum.

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House Sit in Thun – Switzerland

On the way from Switzerland to France we made a little detour to be able to house sit for a weekend in Thun. The family – father a Swiss, mother Scottish and two kids – went off skiing with friends to Leukerbad in the Swiss Alps. We, meanwhile, cared for the dogs, Diléas and Tequila, and the cat, Specky. Continue reading House Sit in Thun – Switzerland

Instances When Diarrhea May Actually Be Necessary In Pets

Cases of diarrhea in dogs should NOT ALWAYS be a cause for worry. Sometimes a dog suffers from diarrhea because something is wrong with the animal’s digestive system and his body is trying get rid of the problem.

There are instances when diarrhea is the natural method of the body to get rid of a problem. A dog that has ingested something that is toxic, or has consumed something that does not agree with his body may suffer from loose bowel movement, which in this case, is a symptom of the problem and also the cure.

When you choose to administer medicines to stop or curb diarrhea, you are interfering with the body’s process of getting rid of the substance that is causing the problem. This can actually conceal the problem, and even make it worse, leading to bouts of diarrhea that can be harder to diagnose and address later on.

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Important Signs Your Cat May Be Suffering From A Urinary Tract Infection

Cats are known for being able to hide signs of pain as a result of illness or injury. But when pet owners spend regular time interacting and bonding with their furballs, they will be quick to spot signs when there is something wrong with their pet. A cat that is feeling under the weather may prefer to hide away in a place where it’s comfortable, warm, and quiet. In the wild, hiding when they are in pain protects them from any predators; this instinct is still very much strong in pet cats when they are sick.

One of the common problems that cats can suffer from is a urinary tract infection. The problem can become serious in cats and should be brought to your veterinarian’s attention as soon as possible. Some important signs to watch out for include straining when they urinate, unsuccessful attempts to urinate, and painful urination. The cat may also become noticeably irritable and often avoid using the litter box, preferring to do their business somewhere else.

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Herding Behavior In Dogs

Pet dogs still possess certain traits that are reminiscent of their ancestors’ behavior in the wild. Even if they have been kept as pets for a very long time, some of these unique canine behaviors are still being displayed, and some breeds are even more pronounced at displaying certain behaviors than others. One of these distinct canine behaviors is ‘herding’.

Some canine breeds have been originally bred to assist in farm work. Among these are dogs that belong to the herding class. The herding instinct of these dogs can be so strong that even if they are being kept as pets, they are often observed to herd other pets in the house or even the humans of the pack. Even if it’s a normal canine behavior, it can become a problem when a pet dog starts herding very small kids or senior citizens. However, proper training can tech these dogs to herd only when given the command.

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Pimples and Acne In Cats

Cats can have pimples and acne, too. Many cat parents don’t realize that the small growths and bumps they find around their furball’s face and chin are actually skin breakouts that can persist and worsen over time. Pimples and acne can get infected without proper veterinary attention and treatment.

One of the most common causes of acne and pimples in cats is poor hygiene and sanitation. Pores of the skin can get clogged with dirt and dust, eventually paving the way for skin breakouts. Sometimes, they can get itchy and the cat may scratch them, making the situation worse. It can irritate and introduce pathogenic bacteria which can lead to infection. When pimples and acne are infected, there is usually redness, swelling, and pus may also be present. Bring your pet to your veterinary clinic for proper attention and treatment.

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Importance of Wellness Visits To The Vet

Many pet owners think that visits to the veterinarian are undertaken only when their pet is suffering from something that they cannot handle on their own. Having this notion can make visits to the vet stressful for both pets and other owners. If a pet owner thinks that bringing his pet to the vet clinic is a hassle, there is a possibility that the negative feelings will rub off on their pets, causing the animal to be stressed, too.

However, a change in perspective can make a world of difference in the way pet owners view visits to the vet. Bringing a pet to the vet clinic shouldn’t be done only when the animal is sick; annual health checks are equally important because it enables you to take a proactive approach to your pet’s health and wellbeing. Each wellness visit is an excellent opportunity to have your pet checked thoroughly for signs of illness, have his vaccinations updated, and tested for parasites. This is also a time to consult with your veterinarian about questions and concerns you may have about your pet’s health, care, and behavior.

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Ways To Make Life Better For Your Arthritic Dog

Arthritis is a painful condition characterized by inflammation of the joints. Most cases of arthritis in dogs occur among those that are in their golden years.  If your pet is suffering from arthritis, he will need all the help and care that you can give so he will be able to enjoy life to the fullest. Here are some ways to make life better for your arthritic canine buddy.

  • Some arthritic dogs have mobility and stability problems. Place rugs around the house to give them traction, and prevent them from slipping or sliding, which can be dangerous.
  • Canine massage, when done correctly, can ease sore muscles, reduce stress, and lower blood pressure. This is also a good way to bond with your pet, as well as an opportunity to check your dog’s body for any lumps and sore spots.
  • Just like in humans, acupuncture can help stimulate and boost the body’s ability to release pain-relieving substances that also possess anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Heating pads can relieve the aches of inflamed joints and sore muscles.

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