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House Sit Becoming Nightmare In Kenya

I had been dreaming of spending time in a luxury villa with a swimming pool at the famous Kenyan coast, enjoying a laid back lifestyle under palms, sipping a sundowner and overlooking the pristine turquoise blue waves, which curl over the white sand of an endless beach. But the house sit in Kenya turned out quite differently, to say the least! Continue reading House Sit Becoming Nightmare In Kenya


My Beagle Ate a Tomato!

Did your Beagle eat a tomato? Not sure if the tomato is safe or not? In general, ripened tomatoes are safe for your Beagle if given in small quantities.

However, you must be careful that your Beagle does not have access to unripened tomatoes. If your Beagle eats a tomato from a vine, make sure he does not eat the leafy greens as these parts contains most of the toxins. Tomatoes and potatoes are members of the Solanum species and are part of the nightshade family of plants, which contains toxic alkaloids that can be harmful to pets.

If these toxins are eaten in large quantities your Beagle may start to show signs of excessive drooling, vomiting, diarrhea, drowsiness, confusion, weakness, behavior changes, dilated pupils, or even a slowed heart rate. If your Beagle has any of these symptoms, call your veterinary clinic immediately.

Source: My Beagle Ate a Tomato!

My Dog is Afraid of Thunder

Did you know that many different dog breeds both big and small are afraid of loud noises like thunder? For instance, some dogs are afraid of thunder and even lightning. This is a common fear, but sometimes the fear can get a little out of hand or extreme. Signs of fear and anxiety may include your dog simply hiding under the bed or sitting close to you.

Extreme anxiety may include your dog pacing, working himself into a sweat, trembling and becoming frantic. One way to help your dog remain calm is to make sure you reward calm behavior at all times.

When your dog panics over a storm, try to calm him with a command and then reward him.

Petting a fearful dog or even allowing the dog to sit close rewards and encourages the behavior instead of addressing it.

If the fear gets out of hand ask your vet for advice.

Source: My Pomeranian is Afraid of Thunder

House Sit in Thun – Switzerland

On the way from Switzerland to France we made a little detour to be able to house sit for a weekend in Thun. The family – father a Swiss, mother Scottish and two kids – went off skiing with friends to Leukerbad in the Swiss Alps. We, meanwhile, cared for the dogs, Diléas and Tequila, and the cat, Specky. Continue reading House Sit in Thun – Switzerland

House Sit in Zürich, Switzerland

Christmas and New Year in the City of Zürich, Switzerland. Christmas Lights everywhere, Glühwein (hot wine) and Christmas Markets.

We were lucky to find a house sit only a few kilometers from the centrum of the City. Continue reading House Sit in Zürich, Switzerland

House Sitting Checklist

Animal Carers
Animal Carers

Not every housesit is the same. Not every homeowner is well-prepared, when we arrive at their doorstep and sometimes we are ill-prepared, too. Some have their doors as wide open as their trustful hearts and don’t want any written agreements. Should we ask for it, anyway? We didn’t up to now and had luckily no bad experiences. But, and there is a big BUT, we’ve never had an emergency up to now either.  Continue reading House Sitting Checklist

Gnawing her own legs

Trying our best to avoid Maggy to gnaw her own paws. Just started house sit in Kenya, caring for two dogs. Maggy with big holes in her back legs, having that problem ever since as the owner told us. Give it a try with adjusted socks of myself.


House Sitting and House Swop Explore a country from a citizen’s perspective

“How can you afford to travel like you do?“ That’s a question we hear almost as often as: „Where are you from?“ There are many ways to keep your travel cost low. One of our favourites is house sitting. A further prospect is to swop your house. Continue reading House Sitting and House Swop Explore a country from a citizen’s perspective

France, Bourgogne

House Sitting for a month in beautiful, sunny France with Hesper, Pyreneen dog, 2 y. old, Amica, 13 y. old schapendoes (dutch sheepdog) and Cara the cat, only a few month old.




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