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Video – The Scottish Highlands With Dogs

The privilege of Grey World Nomads is to be able to travel around the world at a slow place.

During our house and dog sit in the Scottish Highlands we captured the most stunning views and ‘our’ dogs in this short video on the first day out.

Did you ever house sit in the Scottish Highlands?


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‘Our’ Pets Around The UK

We had the pleasure to travel the UK for half a year and made friends with a lot of dogs, a few cats, a rabbit and chickens during our house sits. We give all of them space on our pet sitting gallery of the UK. A colourful bouquet of characterful animals.  Continue reading ‘Our’ Pets Around The UK

House Sit Becoming Nightmare In Kenya

I had been dreaming of spending time in a luxury villa with a swimming pool at the famous Kenyan coast, enjoying a laid back lifestyle under palms, sipping a sundowner and overlooking the pristine turquoise blue waves, which curl over the white sand of an endless beach. But the house sit in Kenya turned out quite differently, to say the least! Continue reading House Sit Becoming Nightmare In Kenya

House Sit In Southampton Country Home

This time we had google mapped our house sit in Southampton in the south of England before arrival and were looking forward to a country home in the middle of blooming fields. We’d been house sitting in wintry Scotland before and were longing for some green leaves and flowers after a long winter.

Rape field near Southampton

Continue reading House Sit In Southampton Country Home

House Sit In Scotland With Chewing Monster

Where is Killearn? I thought, and went on Google Maps to see, if this house sit would be something for us. We had been contacted by a mother of three children which house sitter had let her down near term. Luckily we had a gap in our house sitting agenda and were able to help out as we were already in Scotland. ‘Oh wow!’ I exclaimed. ‘It’s only half an hour drive and almost in Lochlomond And Trossachs National Park. That’s awesome!’ Continue reading House Sit In Scotland With Chewing Monster

Luxury House And Dog Sitting With Sea View

“No ways! What a stunning view!” We sat in the lounge with the house owners looking through a king-size window directly onto Hunter’s Quai, where Holy Loch and the River Clyde meet. The vast waters enclose rugged coasts of the rough south-west region of Scotland which is one of the most beautiful parts of the United Kingdom. Continue reading Luxury House And Dog Sitting With Sea View

My Beagle Ate a Tomato!

Did your Beagle eat a tomato? Not sure if the tomato is safe or not? In general, ripened tomatoes are safe for your Beagle if given in small quantities.

However, you must be careful that your Beagle does not have access to unripened tomatoes. If your Beagle eats a tomato from a vine, make sure he does not eat the leafy greens as these parts contains most of the toxins. Tomatoes and potatoes are members of the Solanum species and are part of the nightshade family of plants, which contains toxic alkaloids that can be harmful to pets.

If these toxins are eaten in large quantities your Beagle may start to show signs of excessive drooling, vomiting, diarrhea, drowsiness, confusion, weakness, behavior changes, dilated pupils, or even a slowed heart rate. If your Beagle has any of these symptoms, call your veterinary clinic immediately.

Source: My Beagle Ate a Tomato!

My Dog is Afraid of Thunder

Did you know that many different dog breeds both big and small are afraid of loud noises like thunder? For instance, some dogs are afraid of thunder and even lightning. This is a common fear, but sometimes the fear can get a little out of hand or extreme. Signs of fear and anxiety may include your dog simply hiding under the bed or sitting close to you.

Extreme anxiety may include your dog pacing, working himself into a sweat, trembling and becoming frantic. One way to help your dog remain calm is to make sure you reward calm behavior at all times.

When your dog panics over a storm, try to calm him with a command and then reward him.

Petting a fearful dog or even allowing the dog to sit close rewards and encourages the behavior instead of addressing it.

If the fear gets out of hand ask your vet for advice.

Source: My Pomeranian is Afraid of Thunder

A House Sit On The Norwich Countryside With Dogs, Horses, Cats and Chickens

Imagine you house sit on a farm with three giant dogs who love to try to sit on your lap after they played in the mud. Their little sister dog, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, is totally crazy in love with Vlou, the traveling Beagle, and shows this by rubbing her body along his side and placing her bum on his head while he tries to have a nap. 

house sitting in seething, norwich
House Sitting on a farm in Seething Norwich

Continue reading A House Sit On The Norwich Countryside With Dogs, Horses, Cats and Chickens

Caring for a Carpet with a Dog Around

Dogs can really do a number on your interior spaces. Your carpets are especially prone to wear. Here are a few tips for keeping your carpet looking its best, even if you have a dog around.

First, clean up messes quickly. Choose a pet-friendly cleaner that is specially formulated to take care of tough stains. Clean up after potty accidents, muddy messes, and anything else that stains or causes unpleasant odors.

Vacuuming regularly is also a great way to keep your carpets in tip-top shape. It can pull hair up out of the carpet, but it can also cut back on allergens if you use a HEPA filter.

Even if your carpets look pretty good, you should still plan on having them professionally cleaned once or twice a year.

Source: Caring for a Carpet with a Dog Around