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House Sit In Scotland With Chewing Monster

Where is Killearn? I thought, and went on Google Maps to see, if this house sit would be something for us. We had been contacted by a mother of three children which house sitter had let her down near term. Luckily we had a gap in our house sitting agenda and were able to help out as we were already in Scotland. ‘Oh wow!’ I exclaimed. ‘It’s only half an hour drive and almost in Lochlomond And Trossachs National Park. That’s awesome!’ Continue reading House Sit In Scotland With Chewing Monster


House Sit in Thun – Switzerland

On the way from Switzerland to France we made a little detour to be able to house sit for a weekend in Thun. The family – father a Swiss, mother Scottish and two kids – went off skiing with friends to Leukerbad in the Swiss Alps. We, meanwhile, cared for the dogs, Diléas and Tequila, and the cat, Specky. Continue reading House Sit in Thun – Switzerland

Getting to know your cat’s personality

Tips from the vet collected for you:

Vet Tips


Your East Greenwich vet knows that bonding with your cat is important to you, and that you’re willing to go out of your way to get to know her. How can you best learn about your cat’s personality?

While cats may share some general similarities across the board, your pet has a personality all her own. To get to know her, you should make an effort to spend time with her. Just like getting to know another person, your cat’s likes, dislikes, and habits will become apparent if you invest some quality time into your relationship. Schedule some extra playtime and enjoy the opportunity to see your pet in action. Also, make an effort to spend some downtime with your cat as well. Simply cuddling on the couch together does wonders for your relationship. To read more, please visit the site of Wickford Veterinary Clinic.

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