We know, how important it is, to have trustworthy house sitters at your precious home. Please feel free to contact us, if you want the phone number of one of our previous house sitting assignments. Here are their reviews:

Bettina, Victoria, Seychelles (22. Juni – 22. Juli 2017)
Marcelle and George looked after our house and cat in Seychelles for a month. We returned to a very happy cat who now holds a bit of a grudge that we aren’t as nice to her as Marcelle and George were. The house was well cared for and the oven has never been so clean. Marcelle and George themselves are an interesting couple and a pleasure to meet. We would invite them back any time.


Nienke, Follebu, Norway (25. Mai – 5. Juni 2017)
Marcelle and George have been in our house in Norway in the end of Mai 2017. They have been taking care of the cats and the house. They arrived as strangers, they left as friends! I can really recommend them.


Anita, Alhaurín el Grande, Spain (6. – 20. Mai 2017)
Great house- and petsitters. I was very happy with Marcelle and George. Thanxs guys. Pura vida, Anita from Alhaurin el Grande, Andalucia


Saffron, Camp’s Bay, South Africa (16 – 29 December 2016)
It was lovely coming back to a home so well looked after and cats so relaxed and happy. Especially since it was over a couple of weeks. Marcelle and George were professional and kept me in the loop with photos of my cats. I’d definitely ask them to house sit again


Sue Allanby, Simon’s Town, South Africa (13 – 23 November 2016)
Very greatful to Marcelle & George for cutting short their personal holiday & bringing forward their housesit for me when my daughters baby decided to come into the world a month early! They also coped with an unexpected fault in the electrical board which led to major problems getting hot water. Can thoroughly recommend this unflappable couple! Dogs were very happy with their care.


Karin Huyssen, Stellenbosch, South Africa (8 – 23 October 2016)
Marcelle and George looked after my cat, home and garden for two weeks. After meeting them I new that my cat was in good hands, which was a huge relief because she is diabetic and needs regular blood sugar checks and insulin injections. Marcelle and George gave me regular updates, took good care of my cat and I found her happy and healthy when I came back. They also looked after my house and garden well and I came back to a mowed lawn, clean house, washed bedding, and fresh flowers. I can highly recommend them and will definitely ask them again!


Susanne Knobloch, Murau, Austria (30 July – 22 August 2016)
Marcelle and George took care of our two pets (cat and dog) during the period of July 30-August22, 2016. We were amazed by their level of professionalism e.g. organizing themselves in no time, their friendliness and humility and by them bringing a wealth of housesitting experience. The way they took care of our two animals was really very nice and we got regular updates via email that left us assured . Upon return we found our house spotlessly clean (even all bed lines were cleaned and put back on) and all little things from trash to lawn and from cleaning the fridge to vacuunming the floors were taken care of.
The pets were super relaxed and in good shape. Absolute recommendation for this house-sitting couple !


Robyn Cluskie, Inverness, Scotland (1 – 15 July 2016)
Marcelo, George and dear old beagle Valou house and pet sat for us recently. We had building work going on which should have been further ahead before they came. They were so patient putting up with the intermittent disturbance and dust created by our building work. George and Marcelle are lovely people, reliable and kind. Our animals were very relaxed despite all that was going on around the house. After a few hours all the animals accepted Valou the beagle and our dog and he often slept together. I cannot thank them enough for stepping in and would not hesitate to recommend them as sitters.


Retha-Mari Landman, Cardiff, Wales (21 – 25 April and 17 – 26 May 2016)
We were more than happy with Marcelle, George and Vlou housesitting for us!!
They did so on both occasions and both times we found our house clean and tidy.
Further they looked after our Schnauzer as if she were part of the family! I could see she was happy, spoilt and well taken care of. Vlou is so gentle and Lexi loved having a friend to go to the park with.
We would definitely trust Lexi and house to them again!!


Elsa and François Zeelie, New Addington, England (26 May – 4 June 2016)
Marcelle, George and Vlou came to house sit for us over May/June for a week. What a lovely couple and well behaved Beagle! Our dog wasn’t the friendliest unfortunately but Marcelle, George and Vlou went out of their way to accommodate our Ridgeback and her trantrums. They are well organised, self sufficient and it was lovely to hear about all their travels and stories. Our house was well kept, clean and i would highly recommend them for any house sit and will welcome them back anytime. Wishing them all the luck with their travels.


Nicola Moncrieff, Killearn, Scotland (2 – 18 April 2016)
We’ve just had Marcelle and George look after our fur babies for 2 weeks. We were fortunate enough to meet them the day before we left which was incredibly reassuring. They are a fantastic couple, enthusiastic and knowledgeable regarding the animals. We came home to happy healthy pets and an immaculate house and garden. I can’t recommend them enough and would be more than happy to have them back anytime at all. Thank you Marcelle and George (& Vlou too!).


Mhorag and John Small – Dunoon, Scotland (17 March – 2 April 2016)
Marcelle, George and Vlou arrived the evening before we left to go on holiday to Thailand and we instantly felt they were a very friendly and trustworthy couple. Vlou got on well with our dog, Mac, and we had no worries about leaving them in charge of our house and dog when we were away. They kept us informed of their adventures when we were away. On our return the house was spotless with fresh flowers and Marcelle cooked us a lovely meal and we caught up with all their stories. We would not hesitate in recommending this lovely couple and their very friendly dog Vlou.


Sorrel and Charles Bellamy  – Seething, Norwich, United Kingdom (3 – 13 March 2016)
George and Marcelle and the traveling beagle Vlou house sat for us whilst we away skiing . Our house is not easy as we have 4 dogs (3 large spinones and a staffie ) , but George and Marcelle took it in their stride and from the moment I met them I knew that I had no need to worry . Vlou quickly settled in with out dogs , with Mabel the staffie insisting on sharing his bed .
The house was extremely well looked after and we returned to a lovely meal cooked by Marcelle , it was great to hear about their travels.
Marcelle also helped with my horses which was not part of the house sitting brief but a great help. Our cats and chickens were also well cared for.
I have been using trusted house sitters for 3 years and would not hesitate to recommend George and Marcelle (and Vlou) as 5 star sitters.


Karen and Andrew Clark – Brimpsfield, United Kingdom (14 – 28 Feb 2016)
Marcelle and her Beagle, Vlou, looked after our two Hungarian Vizslas for nearly 2 weeks recently and we returned to find two extremely happy dogs who had been well exercised and very well cared for, having been taken on new walks we had not even found ourselves. Vlou was a great asset and our dogs loved him. Marcelle emailed photographs of the dogs whilst we were away which was very reassuring. Not only that, on our return, the house was spotless, tidy and was certainly cleaner than when we left! We would love to have her housesit for us every time we go away.


Philippa and Richard Spurrell , Northallerton, UK (27 Jan – 14 Feb 2016)
Reference as comment on our blog:
Marcelle and George and the gorgeous Beagle, Vlou, came and looked after our house and dog (Glayva) and cat for a couple of weeks this year (2016).

Brilliant, dependable, confident, easy-going, relaxed, happy, caring, tidy, clean, efficient, fun, kind, wonderful – we loved having you here and the bonus of some truly breathtaking photos of our pets (and local countryside) just added to the experience. We loved Vlou, a gentleman who coped with a fiery cat with quiet dignity!

We hope your travels round Britain are fun and look forward to seeing the blogs which are wonderful!
Philippa and Richard xx

Reference on
When Marcelle and George arrived at our home, we immediately felt comfortable and confident that they were a great couple to leave in charge of things and look after our 2 pets. We had agreed before that we were happy for them to bring Vlou, their lovely old beagle, as long as he was happy to be beaten up by our cat! Vlou was a prince, a gentleman! Well behaved, quiet and lovely.
We received a lovely email and photos while away, to reassure us that all was well and pets were happy. Marcelle communicated with us exactly enough so that we were informed, not interrupted.

When we returned, the house was spotless! Marcelle (or possibly George!) had stripped their bed and washed the sheets and I found them folded and ironed in the airing cupboard. What a lovely surprise that was! We had a mountain of washing to do from holiday so that little thing held HUGE value. There were flowers in vases and fresh bread in the bread box.

I would happily recommend Marcelle and George and indeed Vlou the beagle to look after your house and pets. A great couple, very competent, confident and likeable. Thank you!!


Sally and Stephan Carrer, Thun, Switzerland (15 – 18 Jan 2016)
On getting the opportunity to join friends in the mountains last month we suddenly found ourselves with a week’s time to organise a dog sit…We shouldn’t have worried…within hours we had a few offers and a couple of hours later Marcelle and George had Skyped with us.
They were great, they even cut short their week’s vacation by a night to get to us the night before we departed!
They travel with Vlou, their lovely Beagle…now when I first heard that they had a dog on tow, to be honest I had my doubts…I wasn’t very sure…They seemed confident however and Vlou sounded like she was well-experienced sharing homes with other furry animals…we decided to give it a try…it was after all only a weekend sit…
I might add that our too are both rescue dogs and that one of them isn’t always great with other dogs…we needn’t have worried…Marcelle and George handled the situation brilliantly, introducing Vlou to our two prior to entering the house…having had time to suss each other out walking, the rest was plain sailing..They even sent us some lovely photos of their walks where all three seemed at perfect ease with each other.
Our two sleep on ground floor, upstairs is forbidden…and yet after that initial introduction they didn’t even seem to be bothered when she was allowed to sleep in her own doggie bed upstairs in our guest room…We would returned to a beautifully tidy and clean house and a vase of lovely tulips (hint of Marcelle’s Dutch origins perhaps?) decorating the table!
We are only sorry that we didn’t have more time to get to chat and we would certainly welcome them again. We would gladly recommend them to other sitters too. We wish them well for their forthcoming trip to the UK!


Sunny Colvey, Zürich, Switzerland (20 Dec 2015 – 2 Jan 16)
Marcelle and George were great and completely trustworthy in our house sit. They looked after my dog, took care of plants, and collected our mail. From first meeting them, I trusted them and they were very reliable. They were able to show me proof that they would be coming to my city and I never worried about them being a no-show. We came back to our apartment cleaner than when we left and my dog even had a bath! I would definitely recommend Marcelle and George for your next house sit.


Ida Bienfait, Bloemendaal, Netherlands (2015)
Good for my dogs and the chickens.
and George weeded in the garden. Very helpfull!
The brought their own male dog and he was very sweet with my 5 bitches.

Hans van den Boom, Zelhem, Netherlands (2015)
While we were on a four weeks holiday, Marcelle and George took care of our house, dog and garden. On returning we found everything in perfect shape, in fact the garden even was much better kept than I had left it! We will certainly ask them again the next time we go on holiday!

Louise Carelsen / Limpopo Horse Riding Safaris, Botswana (2015)
Fantastic team..quiet and reliable, and very good with sending regular reports through to us while we were away. Highly recommended 🙂

Patrick Bolger, Chicago, Illinois, USA (2014)
Marcelle & George will be great people to watch not only your home but all the important members you may need to leave for your travels. Marcelle & George stayed at our home and watched and cared for our dog and fish with great care. They are most trustworthy and responsible. I would be happy to speak to anyone thinking of having them stay at their home.

Chris Gritten, Allistair, Montana, USA (2014)
I have known Marcelle’s partner George for 45 years and Marcelle since they joined their lives together. I would be 100 percent comfortable leaving my house and 5 dogs in their care.

Sarah, AmaZOOnico, Ecuador (2014)
Marcelle and George were volunteers at our animal rescue project in Ecuador. They were responsible for an outstation where they not only took care of the house they lived in but also the well-being of our group of reintroduced woolly monkeys. We could not have been happier with how they cared for the site and the animals – everything was tended to beautifully and the animals were happy and excellently looked after. They would be more than welcome to join us again anytime!

Marijke van den Boom, Romenay, Bourgogne, France (2014)
Marcelle and George cared for a month for the house with a huge garden with flowers to cut, with a pool to clean and a big lawn to mow. The two horses to water, two dogs and a cat to feed, walk, talk and caress.

As I saw that the animals where at the end very fond of both of them and house and surrounding where very well maintained and even the car they could use, was cleaned, I asked them to come back next year.

Meinrad and Claire Dormann Harteck (2014)
A reference for Marcelle and George??:  =
“Swiss hospitality and reliability meet South African handy craft perfection”


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