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Moving with your dog

Your dog is an important part of your family, and any changes that you make to your living environment will significantly impact his life. However, this doesn’t mean that he can’t be comforted during these times. Moving is a particularly stressful activity, and it can be a confusing time for your pet. He isn’t quite sure what is going on, and is placed in an unfamiliar place while his family is showing signs stress. Also, the routine he is used to may be interrupted, leaving him wondering when his needs will be met. When possible, try to set aside some extra time to spend with him. Offer some one on one attention whenever you can, and give him plenty of reassurance to help calm his nerves.

Moving with your dog

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Can Dogs Get Depressed?

Depression afflicts many of us at some point in our lives, but what about dogs? Can they get depressed too?

Although dogs don’t likely experience emotions quite the same way we do, they can definitely get depressed. This is usually because there has been a major change in their lives or their routine. The loss of a furry friend or other family member, as well as being separated from their human family can all cause sadness in dogs.

If your dog is depressed, he’s likely to act a bit like a depressed person would. He will withdraw and stop participating in activities he normally enjoys.

Fortunately, with a little extra love and attention, as well as some patience, your dog will come out of his funk on his own. To make sure your dog’s depression doesn’t have a medical cause, schedule an appointment with your vet …

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Making a new dog feel welcome in your home

Your happy to bring a new dog into your family, and you want to make sure you are offering him a home that he will be comfortable in. To do this, take the time to create a welcoming space for your new pet.

Offer a new dog a spot in your home that is just his. This way, he will have a place to go when he is feeling overwhelmed or unable to find some of his belongings. It will become a place of comfort for him, where he has familiar items in a new and unfamiliar place. You should also go through the rest of the home in order to determine what areas are unsafe for your pet to spend time. Thoroughly block these off, or alter them so your pet can safely enjoy himself in these spaces …

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Sailing on the Lake Michigan

Good wind, few waves, nice weather … even Dany enjoys the afternoon on the Lake Michigan.Tomorrow we have to say goodbye to Dany and his family and leave for “the big sky country” Montana.