Tips To Protect Your Dog’s Paws

Paw injuries in dogs can be very painful. With a swollen or injured paw, a dog is unable to engage in or enjoy activities that he loves to do such as running, jumping, digging, or walking.

Common causes of paw injuries in dogs

  • Walking on very hot or cold surfaces can actually rub the paw’s surface raw or cause blisters in the foot-pads.
  • Hairs growing in between the paw pads should be trimmed because these can “magnet” thorns, dirt, and other debris. When these hairs become matted, it can also be quite painful for dogs.
  • Dogs should not be allowed to play or venture in places that contain sharp objects that increase the risk of injury to the paws.
  • Trim your dog’s nails regularly. Long nails have longer ‘quicks’, which can make it difficult to trim a dog’s nails to an adequate length. Long nails can easily get caught on something and be torn off.

Source: Tips To Protect Your Dog’s Paws


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