My Dog is Afraid of Thunder

Did you know that many different dog breeds both big and small are afraid of loud noises like thunder? For instance, some dogs are afraid of thunder and even lightning. This is a common fear, but sometimes the fear can get a little out of hand or extreme. Signs of fear and anxiety may include your dog simply hiding under the bed or sitting close to you.

Extreme anxiety may include your dog pacing, working himself into a sweat, trembling and becoming frantic. One way to help your dog remain calm is to make sure you reward calm behavior at all times.

When your dog panics over a storm, try to calm him with a command and then reward him.

Petting a fearful dog or even allowing the dog to sit close rewards and encourages the behavior instead of addressing it.

If the fear gets out of hand ask your vet for advice.

Source: My Pomeranian is Afraid of Thunder


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