House Sitting in a Victorian Mansion

Entering the drive way of our second house sit in England we were stunned by the gorgeous Victorian Mansion which was awaiting us with two Hungarian Vizsla hounds to care for.

A gorgeous Victorian Mansion to look after

The Mansion was situated in the small village of Brimsfield in the Cotswolds not far from Gloucestershire in the South West of England. Two weeks we would be staying in this most beautiful home while the owners would leave us in the cold as they headed for Sri Lanka and the Maldives.

Flying Ears of nine years old Mattie, Hungarian Vizla Hound

February in England is seriously cold! Never the less we had a great time looking after the dogs, Maddie and Mattie, and the house. At the backside of the property a large garden and a short walk out the back took us out to some fields and to an old church. Easy enough to take the dogs on a short walk before breakfast without a lead. Longer walks through the valley and over some hills could be done from the house while only a short distance away by car numerous other walks were to be found.

Authentic Roman Dressed Woman at Great Witcombe Roman Villa

There were some ruins of the Great Witcombe Roman Villa in Brockworth which were interesting and an eye opening site to visit. I must say, the Romans really were a clever lot, what with underfloor heating, hot baths and just about every modern convenience you can think of. It turned out to be very informative and inspiring day trip.

Naughty Face Of Three Years Old Maddy, Hungarian Vizla Hound

Brimpsfield itself has only about three hundred residents, no shop and no pub (which could be considered a crime in England!), with narrow streets but thoroughly pleasant. A short ride to either Cheltenham or Cirencester took care of anything that we needed.

Cecily Park in Cirencester

We found that Cecily Park in Cirencester was a great place to walk the dogs. Large enough to let the dogs off the leash so that they, and the many other dogs that frequent the park, could roam and were free to sniff around in the forest or run on the extensive lawns.

Most kind and obedient Mattie

The great thing about the two Vizslas Maddie and Mattie was that they stayed together and although being runners, they tended not to go too far and always came when we called. Unlike our Beagle who, nose to the ground, seems to drift on in his own world and switches off to everything but in what his nose tells him. I am convinced it is selective hearing because when “cookies” are mentioned, he picks up his head to locate where we are to see if we are serious about the cookie. The two Vizsla dogs were a treat to look after and we shall miss them a lot.


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