House Sit in Thun – Switzerland

On the way from Switzerland to France we made a little detour to be able to house sit for a weekend in Thun. The family – father a Swiss, mother Scottish and two kids – went off skiing with friends to Leukerbad in the Swiss Alps. We, meanwhile, cared for the dogs, Diléas and Tequila, and the cat, Specky.


Wintertime it can be pretty cold in Thun. The Dogs enjoyed the fresh powdery snow on our walks.

Tequila was rescued eight years ago from a centre in the north of Italy. She is very well-behaved at the leash. If we’d make a wild guess, we think she could be a poodle-sheepdog mix as she seems to be quite smart. Her ears are distinctive, as they form a little triangle, when she is attentive.

Only the cat she doesn’t like at all. We had to be careful with Specky around the house, as Tequila targeted her immediately, when the feline came into her sight. Luckily Specky had a quiet and comfortable place in the basement out of reach of the dogs. With her advanced age well past her agile years, she wasn’t really aware what was going on around her.


Diléas was rescued from a Spanish centre three years ago. Equally as Vlou, our travelling Beagle, he put his nose to the ground during the walks all the time, zigzagging along the animal tracks. He got so excited, that he would pull at the leash with his whole weight, forgetting all around him, only following his hunter’s heart.

It was a very comfortable house sit with characterful animals to care for. We enjoyed it thoroughly.



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