Dealing With Potty Problems in Cats

The stench of a pet cat’s potty accidents around the house can easily permeate the entire house. In addition to cleaning up the mess as soon as possible, it is best to address why your kitty is doing his business somewhere else other than his litter box.

Effective ways to prevent potty accidents

  • Your cat may have problems with his litter box in terms of the location, size, design, cleanliness, etc. Identifying the root cause of the problem will enable you to deal with the issue properly.
  • If he continues to eliminate in the same spot, put some disposable absorbent pads to contain the urine or poop while you are trying to figure out the cause of the problem.
  • If the problem is spray-marking, spaying or neutering your furball is an effective way to reduce or eliminate the behavior.

Take your kitty to your vet for a health check to see if he is suffering from any kidney or bladder problems.

Source: Dealing With Potty Problems in Cats


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