Can Dogs Get Depressed?

Depression afflicts many of us at some point in our lives, but what about dogs? Can they get depressed too?

Although dogs don’t likely experience emotions quite the same way we do, they can definitely get depressed. This is usually because there has been a major change in their lives or their routine. The loss of a furry friend or other family member, as well as being separated from their human family can all cause sadness in dogs.

If your dog is depressed, he’s likely to act a bit like a depressed person would. He will withdraw and stop participating in activities he normally enjoys.

Fortunately, with a little extra love and attention, as well as some patience, your dog will come out of his funk on his own. To make sure your dog’s depression doesn’t have a medical cause, schedule an appointment with your vet …

Source: Can Dogs Get Depressed?


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