Ways To Spend Quality Time With Your Home-Alone Dog

Play therapy sessions provide excellent opportunities for cats to engage in natural aggressive behavior such as stalking, pouncing, and attacking. These great bonding sessions with your furry friend also teach them to play in an appropriate manner.

Even with domestication, cats still possess strong predator instincts, thus you often see your furball exercising his hunting skills regularly. Even though they are living indoors, their basic need to hunt can’t be ignored.

Cats and kittens can look quite intense when they play, making some owners frightened. They love to ambush feet and ankles as their owners pass by sometimes hurting them in the process. Some cat parents also unintentionally train their pet cats to be feline terrorists by playing with their pets using their hands or feet.

To protect everyone in the family from your cat’s hunting antics, direct your pet’s playful and predatory behavior toward toys that move and imitate prey movement, rather than your moving hands or feet.

(…) Source: Ways Spend Quality Time With Your Home-Alone Dog


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