Little Known Facts About Cats

Cats have been domesticated for a very long time but there are still interesting facts about them that many people are unaware of.

  • At night, cats see about 6 times better than humans do.
  • Tiny barbs on the surface of a cat’s tongue scoops the liquid up backwards
  • The domestication of cats go back to 3000 BC were ancient Egyptians used them to control pests and vermin
  • Healthy adult cats spend about 65% of their day sleeping; they are in light sleep at least half of the time
  • Six-toed kittens are considered an established mutation by experts. They occur in large numbers in Boston and surrounding areas.
  • Being meat-eaters, a cat’s jaw is only able to move back to front, and not side to side.
  • Early spaying and neutering is important if you don’t want your female kitten to become pregnant. They can go into heat and become pregnant as young as 4 months old (…)

Source: Little Known Facts About Cats


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