Excellent Reasons To Bring Home A Senior Pet

Senior dogs and cats comprise a substantial percentage of residents in animal shelters. They are often overlooked in favor of the cute and adorable kittens and puppies. Many end up being put to sleep to free some space for the more adoptable ones. However, many potential pet owners don’t realize that adopting a senior pet can have excellent advantages.  With a senior pet, what you see is what you get.

  • Senior pets don’t have teething problems so this means they don’t engage in destructive chewing unless they are displaying the behavior to seek their owner’s attention.
  • Most senior pets have already been housetrained.
  • They are calmer and require less physical activity than younger pets.
  • They already possess distinct behaviors and most senior dogs have undergone obedience training.
  • You get a picture of health problems that they are most prone to or are suffering from; this will help you decide if you are financially capable of meeting your pet’s veterinary and health needs.

Source: Excellent Reasons To Bring Home A Senior Pets


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