Adopting An Adult Mixed-Breed Dog

Rescue shelters are packed to the rafters with a considerable number of mixed breed dogs or “moggies”. Some of them have genetic makeups that can hardly be identified with specific breed/s, while some appear very similar to certain pedigree breeds, minus the pedigree papers.

Choosing to give an adult mixed breed dog a second chance in life is certainly a good idea because “what you see is what you get”. You don’t have to keep thinking what your pet will look like as an adult; this removes the gamble that accompanies buying a mixed breed puppy.

However, as with any other adult dog, there is always the possibility that your adopted dog has issues or health problems that you should be ready to deal with. There is really something of a gamble when adopting an adult mixed breed dog, but you should always remember that buying a pedigree dog is no guarantee against future potential problems either.

Source: Adopting An Adult Mixed-Breed Dog


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