House Sitting Checklist

Animal Carers
Animal Carers

Not every housesit is the same. Not every homeowner is well-prepared, when we arrive at their doorstep and sometimes we are ill-prepared, too. Some have their doors as wide open as their trustful hearts and don’t want any written agreements. Should we ask for it, anyway? We didn’t up to now and had luckily no bad experiences. But, and there is a big BUT, we’ve never had an emergency up to now either. 

Although we ourselves are not too fond of to detailed regulations, we are convinced, that there are some points, which must be agreed on to avoid trouble. Just go through each of the following points with the homeowner and write the answers down thoroughly. The checklist is a compilation, which might be not complete. Please write to us to add on, if you see miss-outs. Have fun with your housesits and we wish you good travels.

House Sitting Checklist

Contact details: 

Name, Address, Tel. / Cell, email of the home owner (home and holiday address’s) and the house sitters

House Sitting Dates:             Confirm dates and time of the house sitting assignment.

Emergency Numbers:

  • Name and number of helpful friend in the community
  • Name and number of Medical Practitioner
  • Name and number of dentist
  • Name and number of electrician / plumber / IT and others, which may be essential

House and Garden

  • Maintenance responsibilities for the property
  • House / Garden / Swimming pool / Garbage / Recycling / Mail, Emails, Newspapers / Indoor Plants, Alarm.
  • Discuss, which rooms, cupboards, areas, food etc. are out of bounds for the house sitters resp. the animals and if the house sitters is allowed to have visitors.
  • Are neighbours, friends, gardener, housekeeper, security firm informed about the house sitters?

    If applicable:

  • Detailed account supervision responsibilities (gardeners, housekeepers, etc.)

Agreement, if, how much and wherefore the homeowner’s car may be used. Add the name of the house sitters to your motor vehicle insurance policy. Following papers / copies are needed:

  • Agreement of liability for damages while using vehicle including excess fees
  • Legal documents entitling to use the vehicle
  • Schedule for routine maintenance and maps to the appropriate dealership
  • Warranty and insurance information.

Write down the mileage in the beginning and at the end (signed by both). Take some pictures of the state of the car as taken over or make a sketch of existing bumps and scratches.

Animal Care

  • List of all Animals with name, age and conditions
  • Detailed feeding, grooming, exercise and treatment of animals
  • Store for food and medications (marked on map)
  • Name, Address and Number of the Vet (marked on map)
  • Vaccine booklets respectively animal passports
  • Calendar with important dates for vaccinations, vet appointments, grooming, and flea and tick medication
  • A list of medications and things to monitor

-> If there are wounds or other visible medical conditions, make photos at the start of the house sit and agree with the owner, how to monitor the progress of the treatment (email photo ones a week or similar).

Supporting tools for house sitters

  • Map marked with essential places like grocery stores, animal supply, vet, MP, local hospital, hardware stores, post office and dump.
  • Calendar with the garbage collection dates
  • Manuals and warranties of important machines and electronic equipment
  • Wi-Fi passwords and contact information for cable and wireless company

Here you find a printable version of the House Sitting Checklist as pdf:

House Sitting Checklist


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