Bathing your Dog

With a big dog I’d rather prefer the shower …

Vet Tips

Dogs don’t really to be given a bath every day, however, a pet owner should know how to do it properly to avoid any problems. A dog may need fewer baths if he stays fairly clean with regular grooming. Generally, dogs need to be given a bath about every 3 months. They may need a bath when they get dirty after an outdoor romp or when they roll in something smelly.

Pet dogs should get used to bathing while still very young. Some dogs hate bath time because of bad experiences they may have had. Make bath time a positive experience for your pet by offering lots of his favorite treats and other forms of positive reinforcement. Always use dog shampoo, not people shampoo, because your shampoo may contain components that can irritate a pet’s skin.

Ask your Atlanta, GA veterinarian regarding important pet issues. You can get more information

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2 thoughts on “Bathing your Dog”

  1. if i had a dog i would never give him a bath. he could be as dog stinky as he wanted to be as well as completely ill mannered too as long as he was house broken. but then he would need manicures and vet visits, which would lead to socialization and eventually a broken spirit.


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