Getting Your Kitty To Drink More Water

Tips from the vet collected for you

Vet Tips

There are cat parents who don’t know what to do if their furball is not getting enough water to drink. Even if the water dish is filled with fresh clean water, a cat may choose to turn up his nose at it.

Cats are known for being finicky creatures, and it is up to their owners to ensure that their pet is drinking adequate amounts of fluids every day. So how do you tell if your kitty is not drinking enough water and is becoming dehydrated?

Some early signs of dehydration include sunken eyes, dry gums, being less active than usual, and poor skin elasticity.

There are many ways to try to get your kitty to increase his water intake. In addition to fresh clean water in the water bowl, good quality canned food contains high amounts of moisture. Investing in a cat water fountain is also a good idea.

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