Strange Cat Behaviors Explained

Tips from the Vet collected for you:

Vet Tips

Part of the fun in owning a cat is observing your feline friend’s strange habits. But what do they mean? Here are some explanations for strange cat behaviors.

Some cats chatter at birds. It’s a unique noise that you won’t hear any other time. And the truth is, veterinary experts still argue about what this behavior is for. Some think that the chattering noises are a way for your cat to release pent-up frustration at not being able to catch the bird.

Many cats rub their faces on their owners. This is known as head bunting. Not only does this mean that your cat is happy and content, but it is also a way for him to share his pheromones with you.

Some cats chew on strange things, like chords and cardboard boxes. This is often a sign of anxiety. To make sure your cat doesn’t have a medical condition…

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