Witch in the Woods of Hogsback, South Africa – Story of Vlou, the traveling Beagle

I was NOT HAPPY!!! There was a witch living in the woods of Hogsback!

Hogsback - CottagesWe were staying at a place in Hogsback, South Africa, where a witch was living. I promise, it’s true! It started off with the verdict, that I wasn’t allowed to eat bones in the private garden of our cottage as her dog might find some scraps and choke. Bad times for me as I LOVE bones for life! No chance – despite fence in between – I had to endure the verdict till we got out of there.

 Hogsback - rainbow

But after more than TWO WEEKS we were STILL there, although I felt that my humans were tense and not happy. They moved out and in through the gate quietly as not to disturb the witch and to keep a low profile. They stayed pleasant with the woman long after I’d known that she was crooked. I heard my people talking that she’d tried to kick them out of the cottage since she’d got the money for the month. I don’t know why they’d pay at all as George was repairing and painting at her house and we had to swap cottages several times to please her. Anyway, she wasn’t to satisfy.

Hogsback in the woods

She was a through and through negative human being, poisoned by her own hatred and tipsy from early morning on. Well, that was my opinion, anyway! The cottage, which she gave us instead of the hired one, was not equipped at all, with a bare concrete floor, a mattress and no kitchen or hot water. Good that my humans had their camping equipment with. It was cold and rainy, so that the rain poured through several leaks in the roof. George mentioned, the woman might try to kick them out before Easter, as she could then make a lot more money as with us and ask the full price despite our agreement. “No, that can’t be,” Marcelle responded concerned. “That would be against our contract!” “She won’t care, just wait, you’ll see!” George predicted.

Hogsback cottage

The day after we’d returned back to the equipped, comfortable and warm cottage a man and a woman in uniform called for my humans. “Hello? Marcelle! George! We’d like to talk to you.” The officers said in a brisk voice. “We’ve a call from the owner that you are illegally occupying this cottage and that you neglect to leave. She sent you an email yesterday evening saying you’d have to leave until today 10 o’clock in the morning and it’s now 2pm!” “Whaaaat!” George and Marcelle looked in disbelief: “We haven’t seen our emails, so we are not aware what you are talking about. But we’ve got a contract until Monday next week, and we paid for the stay in this cottage in advance.” Marcelle went to show them the contract on her computer. Irritated the officers apologized for the disturbance and left. It was obvious, that it hadn’t been the first time, that they’d been called for troubles on this property in vain.

Hogsback - Marcelle with coffee

Hogsback - Landscape 3My humans hoped after that, they could stay in peace till the end of the contract period. But NO! As George predicted, the witch wanted us out before Easter. She shut of the gas and electricity. No heater for ME! No hot shower for my humans! What a bitch! It was cold, raining, misty and no way to get the witch to turn on the gas and the electricity. She hid away and didn’t want to talk with Marcelle and George. After another evil email came in that evening, which made my humans even more upset. I got depressed, too. She would make our stay as miserable as possible and as much as she would succeed, the more happy she would probably be. Marcelle went to the tourist office to ask, what they could do, but all accommodation was booked over weekend. They said, we’d chosen the worst possible accommodation in Hogsback, because the woman is well-known as to be most difficult and an alcoholic. “But one of your employees made the recommendation as we asked here on our arrival, before we went there!” Marcelle answered upset. “That was probably the only girlfriend of her of the entire town, as she hasn’t got any other friends. She works here part-time. I’m sorry for your troubles, but we can’t do anything.”

Hogsback Landscape

George and Marcelle gave up and left Hogsback earlier than we planned to avoid further problems. But I! – Vlou, the traveling Beagle himself! – would love to bite that witch in her ass!!!

Hogsback - Landscape 2


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  1. Hallo Ihr Lieben! Mir wünsched frohi Oschtertäg! Z Connaux isch wunderschöns Wätter allerdings mit WIND. Und mir händ zZ full house. Dicki Küssli Claire und Meinrad

    Von meinem iPhone gesendet


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