Training a Potbellied Pig

Vet tips collected for you:

Vet Tips

Potbellied pigs make great pets because they are both curious and intelligent. This also means they are easily trainable!

First, make sure that you establish a close bond with your pig. Although dogs are people pleasing by nature, pigs are not, so this bond is essential to successful training.
No matter what trick you’d like to teach your pig, the method is basically the same. Choose a time where your pig is attentive. Pigs can be stubborn and will refuse to listen if they don’t feel like it.
Use one or twoword phrases when training your pig and provide your pig with a reward when he completes the behavior. Because pigs can become greedy, you will have to wean them off of treats by asking them to do a series of tricks as training progresses.

To learn more training tips and tricks, call your vet Tualatin.

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