Befriending Someone Else’s Cat

vet tips collected for you:

Vet Tips

Cats can make wonderful pets, but they don’t always like strangers. Here are some ways that you can befriend someone else’s cat.

Don’t ever force a cat to come out and interact with you. That’s a great way to get scratched and bitten. Instead, approach the cat slowly while speaking in a calm, quiet voice. Use the cat’s name frequently. Because his name is familiar to him, he may be more willing to open up to you.

Simply spend time with the cat at first. You can make eye contact, but keep your eyes half open or blink them slowly. When the cat returns this same gaze, you can try placing your fist in front of him so he can smell you.

If you’re still having trouble, try giving the cat a treat. After he stops reacting negatively, you can try petting him. Your vet Colorado Springs can also provide…

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