Protecting your Pet from Dental Problems

Vet tips collected for you –

Vet Tips

Pets are prone to teeth and gum problems. Here are ways to protect your pet from these painful conditions that may lead to more serious problems down the road.

  • Professional cleaning

Your dog needs professional dental cleaning on a regular basis. If your cat or dog is exhibiting any signs of discomfort or pain in the mouth and associated structures, you should take your pet to the veterinarian for examination and treatment.

  • Teeth brushing

Your pet should get used to regular tooth brushing. It is identified as the most effective way to reduce the plaque and tartar build-up. You can ask your veterinarian for toothpaste that is specially made for dogs and cats. Don’t use your toothpaste since it may contain ingredients that can be harmful to your pet. It is also recommended to use an antibacterial mouthwash. There are also gel preparations that you can apply to your pet’s…

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