Approaching an Aggressive or Anxious Dog

Tips from the vet collected for you

Vet Tips

Whether your pup has trouble with anxiety or you’ve come across an aggressive dog in the street, there is a right and a wrong way to approach the situation.

Approach the dog slowly and speak in a calm, reassuring, yet firm voice. Sudden movements can further fuel a dog’s anxiety or aggression. In addition, they are very good at reading your energy, so a calm, cool, and collected demeanor is essential. If at any point you feel fearful or unsure, you should leave and try again later.

When you get close, extend your hand, palm down, with fingers closed. Allow the dog to smell you in order to gauge his reaction. If the dog still isn’t sure about your presence, try crouching down to make yourself appear smaller.

If the dog becomes violent, it is important to leave right away. To learn more, click here, or call your veterinarian…

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