Tasty Healthy Treats for your Pooch

Tips from the Vet collected for you

Vet Tips

In addition to healthy dog food, offering healthy treats to your pet will also be good for his health and wellbeing. Pet owners should be aware that treats are important sources of additional calories, thus moderation should always be exercised. To prevent excessive caloric intake, treats should not exceed 10% of a dog’s total ration for the day.

Treats are important components in positive reinforcement. To preserve their novelty, treats should not be handled out freely anytime. Your dog must realize that he has to work hard or behave properly in order to earn a treat.

There are so many types of dog treats available commercially. While most are tasty, there are those which are unhealthy for dogs. Remember, all treats are not created equal. They are made of different ingredients, and some contain preservatives and additives which are harmful for pets.

When choosing a healthy treat for your pooch…

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