Fearless travels of a hairy 4×4 – by Vlou the traveling Beagle


We, that’s me in first place. I’m a cream-white coloured beagle in best shape, although my people say that I’m slightly over-weight and

a grandpa, only because I’m eleven years young! Anyway, they should look to themselves as they are always talking about wanting to loose weight and doing exercise. But at the end there’s not much happening, if you ask me. There is Marcelle, who travelled with me from Switzerland to South Africa in October 2012. I grew up with her and I join her, wherever possible. And, there is George, who joined our travels since begin 2013. I love George dearly, as he always gives me fresh bones to gnaw on. Nevertheless, both are a bit odd as they call themselves grey nomads, which means, that we don’t have a fix home. That doesn’t really bother me though, because I like to extend my territory. I could already mark a vast territory on the European and African Continent up to now.

Vlou in NoordhoekLast year Marcelle had to leave South Africa short-term, as her extension of the visa wasn’t granted. So, they chose to fly to South America for some time. I went on travels myself with Ralf, a big German guy. He is one of the best human buddies of mine, as he loves to Braai (barbecuing) as much as I do. We travelled with his 4×4 truck, a Magirus-Deutz , which is converted to a mobile home, from Cape Town to Namibia and than back to Johannesburg in South Africa. There I spent some time at a beautiful place, where I made friends with Nougat, Zack and Diesel. We roamed in a huge garden with trees full of flowers and bushes ideal to play hide and seek with my new buddies. Nougat is smaller as I, a Jack Russel they say. He is very fast and smart. He likes to hunt like me. I miss him dearly. Zack and Diesel are brothers. Always up to something. They look a bit like Labradors but are mixed-breeds. I had such a great time with them that the ten months till Marcelle and George returned passed by in a flash. The people of Nougat, Zack and Diesel are a young couple. Clara is veterinary, which I don’t like so much, as she always measures my food exactly as by recommendation. But other than that she is beautiful and very kind. Neil, her husband, played with us and is also a nice fellow. They said if I behave myself and don’t try to escape again beyond the electric fence, I may return to visit anytime. That’s great, as I don’t intend to revive the terrible experience with the vicious neighboring dogs, which tried to make mincemeat of me. Clara had to fix me up big time after that.

IMG_4044My people have now decided to travel along the South African coast, so we can do some long strolls along the beaches. I agree totally and enjoy the time without a leash and restrictions. For two months we stay at Morgan Bay, which is just awesome. At least three times a week I swim through the lagoon, which leads into the sea. It is warm water, which suits me perfectly and, no crocodiles fortunately!



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